My Story

I'm Karen Heritage; mother of two gorgeous girls, creative entrepreneur and a life-long interior enthusiast. Originally from New Zealand, I came to the UK in 1999 intending to stay for 2 years and fell in love with the architecture, history and my British husband!

My background in photography and the antiques trade has given me considerable experience in creating spaces that are naturally styled, comfortable and have a timeless quality by mixing elements of old and new. I have a friendly, approachable style and a creative instinct that combines the practicalities of what a home requires and how it reflects your personality. 


Having a surname that coincidentally fitted the job description helped in choosing the perfect business name with 'Green' representing a connection to nature and living sustainably. You can read more about my story in my blog post here.


Nostalgic Interiors

I have always had a passion for natural, simplified living and love the sense of nostalgia that preloved objects evoke. In homage to those precious reminders of our past, in 2017 I set up my online Etsy shop selling a curated collection of antique and vintage home decor.


I selectively source items from France and the UK that have been cherished by generations before us in the hope that I can capture that nostalgic feeling and encourage others to consider reusing, repurposing and reducing landfill waste by using what we already have. 

Nuturing Design

As a qualified Interior Designer specialising in sustainable and biophilic design, I believe that every home should provide a calm and nurturing space with an intrinsic connection to nature. We spend so much time in our homes and by introducing elements of the outdoors into our interiors, we can benefit from living in a more intentional way and improving our overall health and wellbeing.

A personalised, considered approach to every project ensures that designs are bespoke and minimise the environmental impact for you and future generations. 


Natural Style

Along with interior design projects I offer styling sessions, online or in person (depending on your location), taking items that you already own and showing you fun, creative ways of how they can be used to create different looks in your home. I also offer property staging for house rental, sales and holiday accommodation.

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Karen x