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Description (Projection/ Horn)

Being the largest model counts in a category, Amperes has almost every speaker for every installations. From economical version to higher up models for a more serious listeners.

Models Available

Projection / Clear Horn Speakers ​SP219 10W 100V Uni-directional Projection Speaker ​SP319 10W 100V Bidirectional Speaker SP220 20W 100V ABS Uni-directional Projection Speaker ​HS725 30W 100V Clear Horn Speaker ( IP54 ) ​HS750 50W 100V Clear Horn Speaker ( IP65 ) Horn Speakers ​HS815 / 830 15/30W 100V Alum Horn ​HS820 / 822 15/30W 100V ABS Horn ​HS880 80W 100V Alum Horn

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