Garden Office - New Build

Using only sustainable products, this garden office offers a light and spacious room for multi-purpose use.


To achieve a space that could be used regularly for home based work as well as a workshop for events, I incorporated a large adjustable height desk that I sourced secondhand. This enables the piece of furniture to be repositioned to function as a table in the middle of the room. A built in cupboard with floor to ceiling shelving allows plenty of hidden storage to keep the main room free from clutter.


The walls have been coated with Graphenstone Ecosphere Premium interior paint, a natural and organic product free from VOCs and toxins. Flooring is Ceramico, a PVC-free composite that is environmentally-friendly and hard wearing. The rug I included to add warmth is woven by hand from plastic and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Finishing touches have an element of a nautical theme to reflect the owners personality combined with plenty of greenery to add colour and to improve wellbeing and productivity.    

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